Java vs .Net

Topics: Comparison of the Java and .NET platforms, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Framework Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Architectural Strategies

Java VS .Net Technology

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Software Architecture

July 16, 2012

CDCo needs to improve its architecture strategy in order to make the current application architecture more efficient and productive. Looking at the level 0 target state architecture of CDCo, improvement is necessary and choosing which types of technology to use needs to be thoroughly examine to see which is more beneficial to use or adapt. We will address this and explain which approached we will choose after presenting the benefits and pointing out the problems that can eliminate high cost of maintenance. We will define and compare two technologies, discuss their advantages and disadvantages so that we can rule out the best option that we have. Furthermore it is very important to know how this two software architecture overhead cost when it is implemented. For the purpose of this white paper I will introduce the technology that I believe and consider to be appropriate solutions on the current CDCo’s software architecture these are the JAVA technology and the .NET technology. JAVA technology is a technology that is known to be adaptable. It is a technology that is both programming language and a platform. It can connect to computers all kinds of networks including mobile, internet, games console and so many to name. JAVA’s advantages are its versatility, simple, object oriented, distributed, secure, architectural neutral, portability, efficiency and so many more to name; but the most widely noticeable advantage its portability because it can be use on one or more platform because of it being architectural neutral. When compared to .NET technology JAVA also have the capability to run on web services and browser. JAVA’s code simplicity compared to .NET is a tremendous advantage because error can easily be debugged if it occurs when the program is executed. JAVA carefully examine the security aspect...
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