Japanese Colonisation

Topics: Malaysia, Singapore, Japan Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The Japanase invasion of Malaya and British Borneo in late 1941,which culminated in the humiliating British surrender in Singapore two and a half month later shattered Western colonial supremacy and unleashed in the forces of incipent nationalism. INTRODUCTION

Japan has a government that is guided by the rules and principles of a constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Government. The government of Japan has the features and characteristic that a parliamentary Goverment.The government of Japan has the features and characteristic that a parliamentary government should posses. Besides that , had the constitutional monarchic system that Japan has an integral part of its government, has added a unique characteristic to its administrative system. The Japanese invasion of Malaysia was a relatively rapid invasion that faced passionate but hopeless resistance.The British were primarily concerned with themselves rather than their colonies and to them on a large scale; Malaysia was of little significance. Consequently, the Malays were left mainly to defend themselves from the Japanase. Against well- trained and developed Japanese armies, the Malays stood little chance,adopting guerrilla warfare methods to do the best they could. Shortly after the invasion, the country was captured and overrun by the Japanese, although the Malays guerrilla forces never ceased to fight for their country all throughout the occupation. Japanese occupation establishes a new great East Asia Goverment.From 1932, the military slowly took control of Japanase politics.In the 1937, Japan invaded China.Japan then allied itself with the Axis forces (Germany and Italy) in the second World War to fight the Allied forces ( Britain and America). On the 8 December 1941, the Japanese attacked the Malay Peninsula. The Japanese Occupation of British Malaya commenced in December 1941.The whole of the Malay peninsula abd Singapore were captured by the Japanese in the middle...
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