Japan Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : June 2, 2012
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As discussed in our debate paper obesity is on the rise and has been a growing health concerns for the United States for many years. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic issue worldwide and some Asian countries are seeing an increase among childhood obesity for instance, country like Japan. Before discussing the obesity issues in Japan there are cultural differences that needs to be taken into consideration in order to fully understand the reason for the increase of childhood obesity among the Japanese There are numerous connotations to describe and point out differences of one’s culture, many sociologists describe culture as an adoption and process of behavioral patterns that influence people within a society. Cultural factors that play a key role in the increase of obesity within the Japanese population are; attitudes and customs. Japan’s cultural and eating habits has for many years included a seafood-based cuisine, rice and fresh vegetables. Japanese food portions are smaller compared to American portions and simply prepared with fresh ingredients. 50 Years ago a stable meal consisted of soup and rice three meals a day. With the adaption of Westernized eating habits, Japanese are eating bigger portions for breakfast, eating lighter lunch and having a big dinner. With the influence of bigger portions, Japanese are increasing their diets with more sweets and fatty calorie rich foods. With a change in life styles and a more westernized eating habits, there has be an increase on childhood obesity within the last decade. Japanese children’s eating habits include more intakes of fast food burgers, fried foods and instant noodles, instead of their older generation of fish, rice and soup. Japan has been known as the Country with the longest-living population, with the rise of diabetes, this can change Japan’s status as having the world’s highest longevity rate. Diabetes, not commonly known among children, is becoming a major health concerns among...
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