Jane Eyre Is a Romantic Novel

Topics: Jane Eyre, Marriage, Romance novel Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Jane Eyre can easily be classified as a romantic novel.
The term “romantic” usually brings to mind images of love , however, it is much more than that. It is filled with emotion and freedom and can also be seen as the main conflict of the narrative because that is what the characters central struggles evolve around which is why “Jane Eyre” which can easily be classified as a romantic novel. Throughout the novel romance can be portrayed in many ways such as Berthas acts of arson. She is known as the “madwoman in the attic” and put Mr Rochester through “hideous and degrading agonies” as she went against Victorian morals and commited adultery. This act of madness cause Jane to save Mr Rochester, and when Jane extinguishes the literal flames it can be seen as a metaphor for the new ones she is about to kindle with Rochester. Berthas arson symbolizes her using the power of sexuality to destroy Rochester’s home however she has unintentially opened a new chapter of love in his life. Sharing the secret of the fire brings them both closer and their increased closeness causes Mr Rochester’s romantic feelings towards Jane to grow, finally resulting in him proposing to Jane adding to the romantic element of the plot. When Jane learns that Mr Rochester is already married she has to make the difficult decision of wether to leave him and her life at thornfield behind or not. Mrs Fairfax clearly warns Jane of the disagreements she is bound to have with Rochester when she explains to her “Gentlemen in his station are not accustomed to marrying their governesses”. Jane wishing to uphold the common life of a governess does not make her love Mr Rochester any less but it does create dangerous tension between them. The tense atmosphere now created may possibly contribute to Jane’s choice to run away from Thornfield which we see later in the story is the path she needed to choose in order to live the life she longed for with Mr Rochester. On the other hand, her decision may not...
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