Jane Eyre

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Max HellersteinMs.Adamcyzk

Jane Eyre Essay

Jane Eyre was by far my favorite piece of literature we’ve read in the A.P English course. It was not the typical love story at all, and finally we get to see the not over exaggerated love story come to fruition, but rather actions depict the emotions that flare more than spoken word. The story begins with an interesting, but recognizably typical story. Girl who can’t relate to most people, born in to a super religious lifestyle with the family who isn’t really hers mixed with the beginning of adolescence.

Jane however truly segways through her life which is quickly sped up to beginning of adulthood when she begins to be involved with a man named Rochester. Initially, Rochester a presitgous, not necessarily loved, authority figure in Jane’s life becomes what would be her lover. This relationship although at first questionable, makes sense because of the fact that Jane has never really been exposed to intimacy with a man before, as a matter of fact, this story tells the underlying tone for how women get themselves caught up with the wrong people.

At first Jane is madly in love, and becomes fallen for Rochester, Rochester seizes this opportunity and everything is butterflies for a short period of time. Little did Jane know, Rochester, married already, would ruin their chances of ever being together. Jane playing the female in distress becomes heartbroken. This is something that we could say is the opposite of most books, and stories. Most of the time, this story would take place and they would be together and live happily ever after, the largest challenge would be that it would be society v.s them. In this case, it is society + Rochester v.s Jane.

It is for that reason, I loved the book and kept me interested. That we we’re not playing out the typical story. Similar to movies in popular culture today such as 500 days of summer, where the whole story it is the man chasing the women and in the end,...
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