Jane Eyre

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Describe how the character of a literary work you have read recently has made a lasting impression on you.

Of all the many exciting and admirable characters in literary works I have read, the one character that made a lasting impression on me would have to be Jane Eyre in the worldwide famous novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Jane’s admirable qualities in the thought provoking narrative in which she narrates her journey as an angry, rebellious 10 year old orphan and develops into a intelligent, independent, maternal, and artistic young woman. As the protagonist and narrator in the novel Jane Eyre, Jane begins her journey into womanhood as an orphan in the household of Mrs. Reed, feeling alienated and ostracized. Treated as an outcast, Jane decides to rebel against her guardian thus portraying her to be true to herself and that she longs to be an independent person. She refuses to back down against Mrs. Reed due to the fact that what she know is right. This is an admirable quality because at that time, Jane was only 10 years old and children like that are not suppose to act like that but Jane found the courage to stand up for her beliefs on what’s right and wrong. Most child now a day can not even stand up for what they believe in because they are program to think that what their parent tell them are all true and right. In the next part of her journey, her path takes her to Mr. Rochester at Thornfield Manor. Jane’s quest to be an independent young woman reaches the point in which she falls in love with Mr. Rochester. Not only does she secure financial independence and the self-esteem to maintain a marriage of equality but also she can enjoy a life of love with Mr. Rochester. As her journey continues, Jane discovers Mr. Rochester’s previous marriage to a Bertha Mason, and decides against marrying him. At the time, women were not allowed to choose who they want to marry and not want to marry so for Jane to not follow society’s rule and not marry Mr....
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