Jan Term Essay

Topics: Milan, Fashion, English-language films Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Maria Andrea Roa
Jan Term 2013 in Milan

I believe that being part of this program would benefits me in so many ways, not just only in a personal way but in an intellectual way. I grew up knowing of my dad and his family but I have never actually met him because my mom raised me as a single mom. One of the things that has always been part of that is knowing that he is Italian and I carry that in my blood but know nothing of it and the culture. Going to Milan would be a chance to explore, learn, and discover that side of me and who I am as a person. Also this is a great way to travel with a support system but at the same time not depending on my family like I have done before when I travel with them. I love how this trip will be with people I know and that I will feel safe but at the same time learning how to travel on my own. I know that in the future I want to be able to provide for my mom, my family (future kids...) and myself but I’m not sure how yet. I want to work for a company in their Public Relations branch and I have been looking of doing that in the Fashion Industry. Being part of that world of media and fashion has always been a dream of mine but I have never figured out how I fit in it. Going to Milan and being in one of the worlds top Fashion Industries would help me figure out if this is really the path I want to take. If I do decide to go into this industry in the future having this trip has a part of my resume would not only give me an advantage but a confidence boost. I feel that when a company sees that I have experience the industry and have made an effort to learn about it they would appreciate it and be impressed with it. As an educational tool this trip will enhance my culture knowledge not only of another country but a different continent. I have never been to Europe or that side of the world and I would get to experience first hand the culture, the people, the food, and many others things. Another thing that would benefit my...
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