Jamie Turner

Topics: President, Management, Problem solving Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Jamie turner is an 32-year old MBA-graduate. Six years back he earned his MBA from a top-rated Business school. Turner is struggling in his third management position since he completing his MBA just six-years earlier. Turner is currently working for Modern Lightning Industries, Inc. (MLI) were he is hired for the job Vice President for marketing and sales.

Problem Statement
Jamie Turner is unhappy about the fact that Cardullo is not keeping his promises and that he is reversing Turner’s decisions. Jamie turner is concerned about this because sales are declining at MLI and things in general are rapidly deteriorating.

Jamie turner is concerned about the fact that he is not sure if he took the right decision by taking this job at MLI Inc. Reason for this is because of his Boss, Cardullo, who turned out not to be the friendly guy he was during the interview and who promised Turner he could become one of the Presidents within two years. Why and what is the business impact ( sales decrease because bad relationship between turner and Cardullo )

Analyses ( conflict management )
During the case there are a lot of problems that appear. The problems began as early as Turner’s interview. There were a lot of unsaid expectations, the psychological contract between Turner and Cardullo consisted of the fact that Turner believed he would become the new president of MLI Inc. within two years, while Cardullo never actually committed to that. Also, Turner believed he would be learning his way into the new company, while Cardullo gave Turner the full autonomy over pricing within weeks (instead of partially and over a longer amount of time). Turner believed he received too much on his plate too rapidly.

Cardullo also appeared to lack emotional intelligence, a key factor in leadership. By the way he yelled at people in public you could see he lacked social skills and showed no empathy. Thereby he created a hostile work-environment and made his...
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