James W. Caruso Has Communication Problems

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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Effective communication is vital for any organization’s effectiveness. This can be defined as the transference of ideas, thoughts, emotions, opinions, and facts of two or more individuals. Research has indicated poor communication is the most frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict. And individuals spend nearly seventy percent of their day communicating through writing, reading, speaking and listening. (Judge, 2007)

Choosing the correct channel for communicating will depend on whether the message to be delivered is routine or non-routine. Messages such as formal reports and bulletins rate low in richness and are usually straightforward and have minimal amount of vagueness. The communication of non-routine messages that carry an emotional or sensitive material rate high in richness and are better received in a face-to-face meeting. (Judge, 2007)

Other influences of communication issues are emotions such as jubilation or depression that will influence the way a message is interpreted. The diversity of the workforce today also needs to be taken into consideration. The age, education, and cultural background will influence the language and definitions to the framing of words. (Judge, 2007)

Research has also shown that five to twenty percent of individuals suffer from debilitating communication apprehension or anxiety. This can cause individuals to experience undue tension or anxiety in oral communication, written communication or both. People who limit their oral communications and rationalize that more communication isn’t necessary will rely on e-mail, memos, or faxes to convey messages. (Judge, 2007)

The reinforcement theory is a way of shaping behavior whether positive or negative by controlling the consequences of the behavior. Positive reinforcement can be in the form of bonuses, compliments, gifts, praise, and rewards. These types of reinforcements motivate employees to perform at a higher level of satisfaction. If individuals are not given...
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