James Hadley Chase “Come Easy – Go Easy”

Topics: Protagonist, The New Guy Pages: 6 (2286 words) Published: April 30, 2011

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If to characterize the “Come Easy – Go Easy” generally, I would say it is typical American thriller with much action, violence, pursuit for money and expression of the worst human traits of character. In my opinion, this story was written to become a part of the author’s manner of achievement of commercial profit. And now, writing an essay on the “Come Easy – Go Easy” is, to some extend, a little bit problem for me, as it does not give any vital and important questions to a reader and, especially, does not offer him the ways of their solving. But, as to write an essay on it is my task, I will try my best.

Well, the story, I have chosen, is about a guy, named Chet. He worked in a company “Lawrence Safes”, which made and repaired safes. His duty was to put new safes in clients’ houses and offices and to repair old ones. Consequently, he could open almost every one. Once, Chet was asked to come to one very rich man, his name was Henry Cooper, to repair his safe. While doing the work Chet saw a lot of money in the safe. The itch for riches woke up in his mind. Chet discussed Cooper’s wealth with his companion and an old friend Roy Tracey and two men decide to rob that place. Unfortunately, this careless idea was not lucky and guys were caught red handed. Henry Cooper came back home unexpectedly. Sorry to say, Roy did not found another way out of the situation except the murder of the man, but exactly he managed to escape from the police. Chet did not. He was by mistake accused of the attempt to rob the house and of the premeditated murder. The court sentenced Chet to 10 years of penal servitude in the Farnworth Prison Camp. When Chet appeared in the prison he learnt immediately, that the creatures, which surrounded him, hardly resembled people. The prison stuff’s only aim was to make prisoners’ being there as much intolerable as possible. Besides, in nights criminals were watched by aggressive hungry dogs. Chet was not going to waste the rest of his life while suffering in that hell. He made a plan of flinching and in several months the guy escaped from the Farnworth. He was the first person, who managed to do it. After the escape the main character had to hide somewhere far from the area of the police research or to manage to get out of the country. But under the turned out circumstances it was easier to say, than to do, if it was generally possible. Chet had neither identity documents nor money at all. But he had a great desire to survive and preferred better to die, than to come back to the Prison Camp. In some pub in Oakland Chet met a man of about 50-60 years old. His name was Carl Jenson. Chet named himself Jack Patmore. The guy asked Carl to give him a ride to Tropica Springs. The way to this place was long lay through the mountains. During the trip the two men made their acquaintance closer and Chet found out, that Carl and his wife Lola were running their own business – a filling station with a small café. That place, “The Point Of No Return”, was the last to serve people on their way to Tropica Springs before the mountains. In the end of their journey Carl offered Chet the job in his filling station. This place seemed to be lost in the mountains. It was ideal for Chet, so, he agreed. In “The Point Of No Return” the main character met Jenson’s wife Lola - a very beautiful woman. She immediately attracted Chet and he almost fell in love with her. But this woman was greedy and really cruel. She was clever and able to do anything to get money. Once, a newspaper with Chet’s picture and reference, as being looked for by the police escaped safe worker, appeared in the station. Lola recognized the guy and started blackmailing him to open her husband’s safe to steal his money. Chet had no way out. He agreed to do this when Carl would go to the city for the matters of his...
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