Jamaica Teaching Council

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Advancing the Teaching Profession

Jamaica Teaching Council
Mission To cause the teaching profession to continuously strive for excellence in raising aspirations and achievements that lead to beneficial educational outcomes for all learners. Goal To enable and sustain an effective teaching profession that ensures the holistic development of children and young people, building skills, competences and character that will render them fully functioning citizens.

Responsibilities of the Council
Registration Licensing Standards Code of Ethics Compliance Teacher dev. Rationalization of T.E Accountability


Professional development

Status of the profession
Advocacy/Promotion Awards Partnerships

Strategic directions
-Informed policies, plans, programmes -monitoring and evaluation

• Registration of all teachers in Jamaica
– Serving teachers fill out information online – New teachers must go to regional offices to show their credentials

• • • •

Licensing Standards Code of Ethics Compliance

Regulatory cont’d
Licenses for all categories of persons in the profession:  Provisional license for newly graduated teacher  Trained teacher  Principal  Master teacher  Permit to teach  Other teaching personnel

Regulatory cont’d
Preparation and presentation of a Portfolioa set of documents that evidence qualification and performance. A portfolio should comprise evidence of: Professional qualification On-going professional development The teacher as a planner –lesson plans, class plans, appropriate support materials

Professional Development
• • • • Teacher Development Rationalization of Teacher Education Accountability Effective Principals’ Seminar (school leaders) • Quality Education Circles (QECs) • Using data to guide teaching and learning

Status of the Profession
• • • • Advocate on behalf of teachers Promote excellence in education Award teachers for excellence Establish partnerships that will promote and foster education

Strategic Directions
• Inform Ministry of Education on:
– Policies – Plans – Programmes

• Monitor
– Teaching – Learning

• Evaluation

Teacher for the 21st century
negotiator navigator innovator fosters positive relationships




competent in technology


planner model critical thinker reflective accountable educates the whole child

on-going learner


JTC enabling 21st century teachers
Changing the delivery landscape
• Establishing Quality Education Circles (QECs) and Teacher Resource Centres (TRCs) • Raising competences • Fostering research - constructing new knowledge • Fostering inclusive approaches – widening partnerships • Advancing the use of technology • Enabling a culture of accountability • Facilitating academic freedom

Benefits to the education system
Visibility Relevance to local needs Peer support among teachers Repository for teachers Facilitate an electronic platform for the exchange of ideas Identify and address challenges with group support

Advantages of Quality Education Circles (QECs) contd.
Permit: • Convergence of services • Adaptation of the curriculum • Building competences in the profession • Promoting learner achievement • Accessing information and support material • Recognition of excellence

Relationships with other public bodies
MOE Policy and policy directions JBTE/Coll
Rationalization and quality of teacher ed. UCJ Accreditation of Teacher Ed. Progs.

EC Commission Licensing of teachers

Teacher dev. needs Training plans Formative Evaluation and feedback

Curriculum and Assessment Teacher dev. needs

NEI Inspection Reports – identification of issues

NET physical standards

Child Dev. Agency Disciplinary needs

New Teacher Registration

Registration Materials Needed
• • • • • • National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Tax Registration Number (TRN)...
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