Jails and Prison

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  • Published : July 19, 2012
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Jails are always overlooked, but they play a very important role in our justice system. The jails is the oldest of all of the correctional components, and have several missions and roles to play in our justice system. Jails have been around since 1166. the first jail was established in England, and was used to detained filthy, poor, and individuals with medical attention. John Howard drafted the penitentiary act of 1779 with the assistance of English house if commons. This act added four requirements for the English jails and prisons: it allowed sanitary and secure structure to be built, allowed for systematic inspections to be made on the detainees, allowed for the abolition of fees charged to the inmates and created a reformatory regime, and it also detailed that inmates were to be fed proper diet.

Our jail systems are a short time confinement. Where the inmates are awaiting trial, and sentencing. It is often run by sheriffs or local government officials. As to where our prisons are operated by federal governments, and house inmates anywhere from one year to life, depending on the crime. Jails try and work with specialized services and boot camp, work release programs. Where the state prisons use halfway houses, community restitution centers, the penitentiary was secular and spiritual; and physical punishment is not needed, living conditions are cleaner, body contamination was cut down because inmates have been separated. Such as putting them in isolation and to create habits by enforcing strict rules. Labor was productive from prisoners, because they were not aloud to sit around. The secular prison is where inmates can feel regret, a meeting for religious need for expressing contrition for sin, including a place of penitence or penance; expressing remorse and regret of their crimes.

Jails and prisons are a major part in the criminal justice system. They both provide a sense of security to law abiding citizens and keep criminals off the streets. There...
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