Jail: Inmates

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April 19, 2013
Correction Theory and Practice. Sec. 2
Jail reaction paper
Walking into the jail, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was there going to be rows of cells with prisoners in them? Were the prisoners going to be walking about like it was any normal day? Were the officers going to be big, scary, and yelling? I made a few guesses but then decided to wait until I got inside and saw exactly what was in store for my classmates and I. We immediately had to go through a metal detector and get wanded to make sure no one was bringing in anything they weren’t allowed to bring in. Right off the bat this set the stage as to how strict the facility was.

The officer who gave us the tour sat us down and told us the rules of the jail, what they do and why. I was very surprised to see where the inmates stayed, how small and disgusting the cells were, and how little light they had. It was also surprising to see the 3 or 4 inmates in one cell at one point and they were all saying provocative things towards some of the girls and I in the class. It just goes to show that the people behind bars never get to see the outside world, never mind females. The things that the officer explained, such as where they keep the inmates before putting them in a cell, or where they take them and what they do with them afterwards, didn’t take me by surprise because they were things that I had learnt in class. The cells surprised me because I had never seen one in person.

The most exciting and educational part of this trip were meeting the three inmates who were kind enough to tell us their story. The first man had a lot of experience and wasn’t afraid to tell us absolutely everything. I thought it was remarkable how many times he got reconvicted and this time he finally learned his lesson. It reminded me of a quote, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” This man knew that he had messed up to many times in the past and he was finally willing to put it all behind him and start...
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