Pastoral Integration Narrative Reports and Reflection Papers

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Narrative Report
Sorsano, Charline AB-Polsci-2
On that day of our integration R.E 104, I feel very excited because it was my first time to go in jail and a little bit nervous of course, because I know people out there are criminal and we did not know their attitude particularly what they think about, so I come-up to the mystic that “I need to be responsible in my actions”. We arrive there on time exactly 1pm we have our attendance, my first impression are: This place look like hell, seol, hades and any bad perception in that place where detainees look like sardines inside the hall. Then I and my partner keep holding hands together while observing around. We went inside their campus performers start to perform their prepared dance intermission they perform ordinarily but moves extraordinarily like floating in the air, jumping and doing exhibition new to your eyes, we are amazed at the first place, after that we enter into their visiting area for our one-on-one interview must take place.

So I met Ms. Michelle Maay 18yrs.old, her case was rebellion, she was novice detainee almost 1yr. of imprisonment. At her young age supposed she must be in school rather on jail. We talk like friends; she is very open to me. She answered everything I ask to her smiling, though she says that it was that difficult to be in that place. Our integration did not last longer because our time is very limited so time to say good bye, I thank her and give my little tokens as a sign of my appreciation and as a sign of my gratitude also.

Narrative Report
Berguia, Norie Mae AB-Psychology 1

On January 19, 2013, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m, that is our schedule to visit in the city jail, during that time before to open the gate of the jail, I feel nervous, because that is the first time that I enter in the jail, I have many WRONG expectation, but when we started to enter the jail the inmate is very excited all of them is smiling, I feel that all of them is happy. And also all of them are very talented. All of us are speechless because the behavior of the inmate is very friendly, when we enter in the big conference room; I wish that I hope my inmate is a girl. When the inmate enter into the conference hall, perfectly my inmate is a girl, in that is Ms. Jenibeth I. Odrunia, nickname; Bebe, she is 24 years old, she belong in the 4 siblings, and Ms. Odrunia case is RAPE, when I heard about her case, I was shock because I thought that somebody do that case is Men, on the story of Ms. Odrunia she says that she is one of the victim, because during that night Ms. Odrunia bonding with her friends and she says that she drunk that night she don’t know what they do, and she didn’t know about their friends, she accuse that Ms. Odrunia rape one of her friend, and Ms. Odrunia says that because of money she accuses rape. She is almost (1) one year and 2 months in the jail, on January 30, this is the last hearing of Ms. Ordunia, and God’s well Ms. Odrunia was out on the jail on March. And she says that when she gets freewill on a jail, she continued her course, and Ms. Odrunia wrote a difference between the jail and in the outside of the jail. ‘‘The difference between the outside are I have a freedom but here inside the jail has a big change, because you have t adjust with your attitude so that we must face it. If I’m already in free surrounding or I mean my case closed. I am happy to have my freewill in my life”. And Ms. Ordunia says that “continue dreaming till we achieve our goal. Maybe I make some mistakes but I don’t have any feelings to lose hope. I know that this is a trial in my life”.

Narrative Report
Salazar, Godessa Gyn Amor S. AB-PSYC 2

January 19, 2013 past 1:00 pm, I arrived at the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center with my classmates’ fellow RE 104 students. It was my first time to visit the provincial jail to be a dark place, fully guarded, full of peril and evil looking...
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