Jacob Hoggard an Ambassador for Change

Topics: Masai Mara, Poverty, Cycle of poverty Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Jacob Hoggard an Ambassador For Change
Victoria Buttineau
ACE Communications- Assignment#6- Research Paper
Instructor: Velda Parmenter
Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Jacob Hoggard is changing the worlds view on poverty through education. The lead singer of the band Hedley has partnered with the co-founders of Free The Children Craig and Marc Kielburger to aid in the fight against poverty. Since Hedley’s firs performance at We Day; which is a movement that empowers young people to make changes both locally and globally, in 2009, “Today, we are partners- partners in the fight against the cycle of poverty that has crippled communities around the world. Musicians that fight poverty, in other words.” (Hoggard. Jacob, http://www.hedleyonline.com/free-the-children). Jacob and his band mates have become Free The Children ambassadors; traveling to Kenya and India, and helped launch the We Create Change Campaign.

In 2010 Jacob and his band mates were challenged by Marc Kielburger to go to Kenya and see how far fifty dollars can go towards making a difference to a family in need. A week later they were in Kenya trying to make a plan on how to buy a goat for one family in need in a community where Free The Children works. A goat for a family in Kenya makes a huge difference; it can provide a source of income allowing children to go to school, and can also provide the family with milk. “[A] source of income that helps free the children and their families from poverty and exploitation.” (Claffin, D.Henry, Vancouver Sun, 2010).

Once in Kenya they visited Mama Jane who is a community leader in a small village in Maasai Mara Kenya. Mama Jane explained to them how a goat can change the life of a family. She then took them to the school to introduce them to the community; where they put on a small concert performing some of their hit songs, and helping build a school house for the secondary school girls. Later on they visited the elders; who explained how to choose a healthy...
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