Jack Solomon

Topics: Advertising, Social class, Elitism Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Now in the twenty first century, there are many advertisers trying to get you to buy their product. They use a variety of ways to show us how good the product is. Some of those ways are marketing through different social media websites, billboards, television, and magazines. There are some people who may not care as much about all of the benefits of the products offered but only care about the current fashion trend or the latest technology devise. The advertisers try to capture our attention on the product that we want to buy and some of them try to get different classes of people to buy their product. Therefore, the contradiction between populism and elitism is still apparent in American advertising and media because many consumers still depend on the image not the significance of the product. Many people fear not fitting in if they don’t follow the current fashion trend. Most Americans have the desire to have the best of the best of things such as social success, materialistic possessions, and wealth. The definition of the populism is a style of advertising that holds the common people interest in it. Populism in magazines, television, or other social sights and such are trying to appeal to everyone. It is not just for certain people or members of certain classes or groups. Populism ads are to catch the attention of common people toward their products. They want to make sure that everyone has interest in the ad that is placed in the magazine. They want the consumer to think that the product which they see in the ad is good for them and that they can afford it. For some ads, they tend to make the consumer believe that even a common product can make us part of the higher class people. Elitism is opposite of the populism. Elitism aims for certain groups of people or members of certain classes that deserve “special” treatment because they are perceived as an intellect, social status, or financial resource. The advertiser uses the difference between the populism...
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