Topics: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: February 2, 2013
1. There are many environmental forces that changed during Detective Rich Miller’s career. He talks about the veterans complaining about the Miranda warning, and the new emphasis on the exclusionary rules and other changes that gave defense attorneys more leverage in cases. He recalled a senior detective asking why anyone needed anything more than a high school education to do police work. He also included that entry into law enforcement required at least a community college degree, and his department required at least a four-year degree. Promotions to lieutenant and above required a master’s degree. I believe that the change of Miranda warning is a beneficial change because it reminds individuals of their rights before the police are allowed to ask any questions. This is helpful to the person being arrested at the time but can also be a disadvantage to a police officer’s investigation. I believe the change in required education for law enforcement is also beneficial to policing. I think that requiring a minimum education to enter law enforcement will ensure that police officers are prepared and knowledgeable to perform their duties.

2. Cyber crime is a big problem these days, whether it is a student bullying another over the computer, or a person taking everything a person has worked for over his lifetime away with just a click of a button. The first recommendation I would make to the chief would be to notify the city of the problem. Either through the newspaper or a video through the police department’s online homepage. I believe this is a good first step to get the information out there and let the community know the difference between malware, Identity theft, spam and other internet scams. Also, I would suggest including actual internet scams that have been used locally throughout the town so that people know when to stay away from it. Those are some suggestions on how to cope with malware, identity theft, spam and other internet scams online. Another...
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