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HISTORY OF ARTIFICIAL HUMAN REPRODUCTION B.C. 4004f. From our very first ancestors onward, for almost 58 centuries all fetuses except Jesus were conceived from sexual intercourse by their human fathers. All without exception, Jesus too, were gestated in the wombs of their biological human mothers. Hippocrates: "I will not give a woman a pessary to produce abortion."


A.D. 1790f.

London. First reported successful artificial inseminations from husband (AIH), engineered by Dr. John Hunter. U.S.A. First recorded successful AIH in the New World. U.S.A. First recorded artificial insemination from Donor (AID). England. H.G. Wells's book The Island of Dr. Moreau anticipates cellular engineering upon animals - producing humanoid manbeasts which obey, and perform menial tasks for, their human master. U.S.A. Aldous Huxley, grandson of the famous evolutionist T.H. Huxley, publishes his book Brave New World - a "25thcentury" nightmare of genetically-engineered humans manufactured in test-tubes. U.S.A. Unsuccessful first attempts at human in fertilization (IVF), by Harvard's Dr. John Rock. U.S.A. First published. Kinsey Report on human sexual vitro

1866. 1884.







World Medical Association's Declaration of Geneva: "I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception; even under threat I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity." Successful sperm. freezing and subsequent thawing of animal



Following some Protestant Theologians, also Pope Pius XII condemns artificial inseminations from Donors (AID). Successful embryo transfer from one cow to another. First calf successfully reproduced from thawed-out prefrozen semen; and first successful cloning of frogs from tadpole cells.

1951. 1952.

Tiny Human Life page - 611 -


American G.I. George changed by operation into Christine Jorgenson. American Model Penal Code would decriminalize all laws against private sexual behaviour between consenting adults. From 1961 onward, enacted into law in one State after the other.



Following the Lutheran Dr. Otto Dibelius and the Calvinist Ethicist Dr. Brillenburg Wurth, also Pope Pius XII condemns AIH. Britain. Wolfenden homosexuality. Report urges decriminalization of



Dr. Anthony P. Waterson, Professor of Microbiology at St. Thomas' Hospital Medical School, insists: "The segregation or sterilization of those who are thought to be undesirable as breeders is a serious offence to human freedom.... The ultimate logic of the adoption of eugenic measures would lead to mass artificial insemination by selected Donors (AID)." Charles Eric Maine's book World Without Men and Poul Anderson's book Virgin Planet anticipate genderless cloning - by positing a future World without sex. First live rabbit reproduced by way of IVF. Italy. Dr. Petrucci's monstrous human IVF-embryo "terminated" after being alive for several weeks since being brought into being. U.S.A. Supreme Court relaxes traditional notions obscenity, unleasing a whole flood of pornography. of


1959. 1959.



Sheep-embryos mailed from England inside a live rabbit, and later brought to birth after nidation into ewes in South Africa. U.S.A. Betty Friedan's book The Feminine Mystique launches the "Women's Liberation Movement." First use of frozen sperm in attempting to engineer human IVF. New York. Court rules AID baby is illegitimate - even if and when the recipient's husband consented to the AID. Dr. Beatrice Mintz experiments with embryos of mice, and succeeds in fusing them. She then places the fused embryos in the wombs of mice and produces individuals with four Tiny Human Life page - 612 -





(and not just two) natural parents. By 1980, after the World's first test-tube baby had been born, Dr. A.C. Varga would state: "Multiple parenthood...
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