Theol Quiz 2

Topics: Calvinism, Arminianism, Christian terms Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: May 23, 2013
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Towns: pp. 419–479
Distinguish between the historical aspect of salvation (salvation accomplished) and the applied aspect of salvation (salvation applied). ➢
State the five tests that are used to verify theological truths. ➢
Properly identify the eleven divisions of theology.

Understand the nature of salvation as a dynamic quality of life, not just a passive point of position. Understand the three tenses as each is applied to the subject of salvation.  ➢  
Know that in the Old Testament, men were saved as they are in the New Testament. Be especially familiar with the fact that the basis, requirement, and object of salvation remains consistent in every age, but the content of faith may change in the various dispensations. Know how to define “grace” as applied to the work of God in salvation, and understand the relationship of grace to salvation. ➢

Know the significance of the Council of Dort and its impact in defining the system referred to as “Calvinism.” ➢
Know how to define each of the “five points of Calvinism” and be able to explain any inherent weaknesses pertaining to each.      a. Total depravity:
     b. Unconditional election:
     c. Limited atonement:
     d. Irresistible grace:
     e. Perseverance of the saints:
Who was the founder of the system popularly known as “Arminianism?” ➢
Other church leaders popularized the “Arminian” doctrinal system. Be able to name those listed in the textbook who helped popularize Arminianism. ➢
How do Arminians redefine original sin?

How does the Arminian system depreciate the completed work of Christ by the denial of the security of the believer? ➢

Understand how the Arminian belief in apostasy may lead to an implied “salvation-by-works” doctrine. ➢
Be able to define the terms supralapsarian, infralapsarian, and sublapsarian. ➢
How can conversion best be distinguished from regeneration?

What is the basic definition of the word...
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