Italian Fascism: Economic Success or Social Failure

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Italian Fascism:
Economic Success or Social Failure

Italian Fascism:
Economic Success or Social Failure

Benito Mussolini’s development of the National Fascist Party in 1919 (H, 2010) provided great hope for a suffering nation of Italian people. Although Fascism grew quickly with an optimism of ending great economic and social turmoil, Mussolini’s Fascist ideologies eventually lead to an isolated nation. By further exploring the history of Benito Mussolini and his radical Fascist ideologies, it is easy to comprehend the attraction of such a concept, especially during times of immense suffrage. One factor not taken into consideration is an inherent fundamental human principle; a person’s aspiration for individual freedom and rights. Following World War I the European nations who were accustom to great prosperity found their economic, social, and international infrastructures in shambles. As a result of a war that saw millions of lives lost and mass destruction resulted in widespread depression across Europe. (Bentley, Ziegler, & Streets-Alter, 2010) The Central powers experienced severe consequence that resulted in extensive labor strikes, food riots, mutinies, and the epidemic spread of disease triggered by years of all out warfare. In turn, people associated with the Central power’s European nations became embittered by the harsh post war conditions. Due to these conditions faced by many Europeans and the prevalence of social unrest, there were ample opportunities for new ideologies to be pioneered. Benito Mussolini recognized the disenchantment among the people of Italy and appeared to have the answers to remedy the countries social and financial unrest. Mussolini, also discontent with the Socialist and Leftist philosophies, which were predominant during that era, formed the National Fascist Party on March 23, 1919. (H, 2010) Mussolini’s Fascist party grew in popularity over a very short period of time amid the Italian people who had grown...
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