11.3 Dbq

Topics: Fascism, Benito Mussolini, World War I Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Group 1: The change of how people view war- Document 3 (People are used to fighting because their ancestors always have but don’t want to anymore)

Group 2: The Effect of War- Document 5 (Women must take greater responsibilities to fill in for the men that are gone from war) and Document 4 ( War has disrupted the ruling of Italy and now they are in need for a proper system of government so the principle of fascism is analysed)

Group 3: The Universe Depends on One Another- Document 6 ( Einstein’s theory of Relativity explains that time, space, and matter depend on one another) and Document 2 ( Yeats refers to the falcon needing the falconer in order for things to not fall apart)

Group 4: Development of Civilization and a Person- Document 1 ( Freud thinks that as civilization progresses it affects the development of the person.)

Thesis: After World War I, the European culture was more discouraging and saw humans as nonsensical beings; in addition, they also viewed western values to be astray which brought disorientation to many people because they were scarred from the terribly long war.

Document 4:

Benito Mussolini was the leader of the Fascist Party in Italy and he had always resisted codifying the principle of fascism, but when the Enciclopedia Italiana requested an article explaining fascism, he insisted on giving his process behind the way a country should be runned. The explanation of the principle of fascism was “The Doctrine of Fascism” published in 1932. Fascism is the idea of giving interest in economic, social, and military power to a dominant race or state lead by one leader. Fascism is used to categorize censorship and oppression. Benito believed in one ruler and all the other political parties were banned in Italy. In Italy everything was made to favor the fascist government. But Benito helped society by providing jobs to unemployed people by using public work camp. Fascism brought a better economy after the war but...
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