It320 Final Exam Study Guide

Topics: Routing, Ping, Cisco IOS Pages: 4 (469 words) Published: January 15, 2013
IT320 Final Exam Study Guide

Ciscopress Textbook:

(3) What do routers do?

(19, 20) Crossover cable

(14, 17) NVRAM

(17) Location of router’s “running configuration”

(14, 15, 17) Cisco IOS image stored where?

(14, Table 1-3) Main use of Router internal hardware components: ROM

(49) Show flash command

(55) After a router completes POST, it loads what?

(123) Command output description for: show cdp entry [device name]

(154) Purpose of setting the router configuration register to 0x2102

(65) Command required to establish an entry password into the user mode

(66) enable secret command

(74) show version command

(71) Function of Ctrl-P

(125) show cdp interface command

(129-130) Packet is finalized and framed at which layer?

(54) Order of the router boot process

(141) Exclamation points in a reply to a ping request

(141) Important information you must pay attention to after issuing a ping command

(141) Use of the ping command

(142) port number

(150) Class C IP address structure

(11) The clock rate of an interface is applied to which router connector end

(55) What loads after a router completes the POST?

(49) show flash command

(43) Symbol for the router privileged mode

(153) Limited version of the Cisco IOS software is stored where?

(154) Command to discover the configuration register setting

(153) Has limited version of the Cisco IOS software

(154-155) Information displayed by the show version command

(167) Command issued to upgrade an old version of the Cisco IOS software by downloading a new image from the TFTP server

(192) functions of a router

(194) static route

(198-199) Administrative Distance on Static Routes: the use of the ip route command

(203) routing protocol definition/description

(210) characteristics of distance vector routing protocols

(259) administrative distance: RIP

(275) ICMP echo request is generated when?

(291) Command used...
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