It320 Chapter 1

Topics: Subnetwork, IP address, Internet Protocol Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: March 3, 2012
Routers and Routing Basics, CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide
Concept Questions
PG 4-5
1. What is the most important function of a router?
Routers route packets

2. Define default gateway. You can use any source at your disposal. * On a computer, a reference to an IP address on the same subnet, with that IP address being the IP address or a router. When the computer needs to send a packet to another subnet, it sends the packet to its default gateway. Also called default router. * No

3. In three or four sentences, explain the purpose of DCE and DTE in WAN links.
DCE and DTE are on the circuit ends of leased lines of Telco. DCE's is normally a CSU/DSU that receives information and sets the clocking speed to the DTE. The DTE's are normally routers that send information through the WAN at the rate set by the DCE.

4. Explain what a router is and what it does.
A router is a network device, typically connected to a variety of LAN and WAN interfaces, that forwards packets based on their destination IP addresses.

Concept Questions
PG 10
1. What three components of a router retain their memory when power is not present? * NVRAM
* Flash Memory

2. In what three ways can you configure a router?
* Console
* Telnet

3. Of the two management ports, which one is preferred, and why?
The preferred port is the 'console port' because not all routers have an 'auxiliary port'.

4. Besides the PC and the router, what three components (software and hardware) are required to connect a PC to a router's management port? * Terminal Emulator
* Rollover Cable
* RJ45 connector

Introduction to Telecommunications
Review Questions
PG 62
1. How is sound communicated from one person to another?
Sound waves are generated from the speaker and carried across a medium (air) to a receiver.

5. What is the minimum frequency a human's eardrum is able to perceive?...
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