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VoIP Case Study
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming increasing more popular. More and more companies look to the internet for phone service rather than the standard telephone companies. It was not always this way. Private Branch Exchange are not used as much anymore because technology has grown so much and we depend so much on computers and the technology that they provide to us. Seattle Times Case Study

In 2001, the Seattle Times was forced to research a new vendor for their telephone communications. They were currently using a private branch exchange (PBX) system, and needed to find something to continue to same coverage they were receiving. They are a busy 24/7 newsroom and need round the clock telephone coverage with no interruptions (Wexler, 1994-2012). Improvements Made

So many improvements took place, and they saved money in the process, but it did not come without the typical hiccups and concerns. For many years, there were debates about how well voice over IP (VoIP) would integrate into a company because it was not a landline telephone. A lot of work goes into securing a VoIP network because it is over the internet (Ruck, 2010). The Seattle Times’ biggest concern was their remote users and internet connectivity. If the remote users did not have internet connection, how were they to connect to the network (Wexler, 1994-2012)?

Being able to use a WAN connection in the four buildings to make telephone calls, instead of a PBX connection saved the company about $40,000 in telephone charges alone (Wexler, 1994-2012). Saving money enabled the company to re-wire the buildings because they were very old (constructed over the past 100 years). The Seattle Times does keep one analog line in all locations for the rare instance of emergency. This gives the company piece of mind knowing there will always be phone service, even if there is a power outage due a natural disaster or internet failure.

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