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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Case Study (OCE) - VoIP
Gilbert Burgess
November 20, 2011
“Randy” Guin

Case Study (OCE) - VoIP
Dialogic is a Canadian business solutions company which conducted a case study regarding Oregon Corrections Enterprises’ (OCE). OCE is a correctional institute focused on rehabilitating prisoners by vocational training; meanwhile, it provides inmates with a work environment, which helps facilitate an inmate back into society. OCE’s decision to change from a TDM Hardware-based call center to a less expensive VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution has been extremely beneficial and has enabled OCE to not only save money, but expand its call center (where inmates work) without creating additional expenses. More importantly, the alternative also needed to uphold all of Oregon’s telecommunication compliances for prisons and inmates, CBX’s software have accomplished this need. According to the case-study, “OCE was able to recover its initial investment on VoIP services within the first 60 days of its implementation. Additionally, OCE has reduced its overall telecommunication expenses by 40% and have met all of Oregon's communication compliances” (Dialogic Corporation, 2007). A 40% reduction in a company’s expense is by any standard, a dramatic decrease, especially at the start of an economic recession where initial funding will most likely be limited. Like many other prisons, funding has been tight and the cost of keeping prisoners has increased. Therefore, OCE is one of the many prisons and businesses that have benefited from technology and Internet business opportunities by utilizing VoIP services. Oregon Correctional Enterprise has found a way to build an Enterprise and rehabilitate inmates into productive citizens, but like many other Enterprises OCE is always looking for a way to cut business costs and increase revenue. OCE’s vocational rehabilitation program teaches an inmate social skills and work ethics; meanwhile, it provides other...
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