It206 Wk1 Formatting Issues

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Formatting Issues
Ashlee Vanderwal
IT 206
September 17, 2010
Benjamin Perez

Formatting Issues
The article states that although Microsoft Word® is not a desktop publishing program- like Adobe Photoshop®- one can still to combine text and graphics easily- it can, however, be used in a pinch or instead of purchasing a costly program. (Nott, 2008) By creating, a “canvas,” one has several options available on what type of content can be inserted; for example, one can include bitmapped images like a screenshot, create various drawing that can be moved individually, and insert files rather than paste them. In addition to these uses, the main use of creating a canvas in Word documents is for annotating a picture with a callout. This is an option I think most businesses or students will be using for their documents.

For those not familiar with this task and using the keyboard shortcuts, I will briefly the process and keys used to add annotations with a callout. Starting with the document needing the annotation put the cursor in the place you want to add the callout box, press the ALT key and you should notice labels on all icons, each of these letters represent an action. In this case, press N, then M. The SmartArt Graphic Box should have popped up, from here use the arrows to select the graphic of your choice, then press the TAB key to move to the Layout task pane where you can use the arrow keys to select your layout and press the ENTER key. There you go! Now, wasn’t that simple and easy?

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