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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__a__1.In an automated information processing system a scanner is used for a.| data capture| c.| presentation|
b.| processing| d.| Distribution|

__c__2.Which of the following are examples of manual information systems:

I Pages of a story book.
II A collection of folders in a filing cabinet
III A payroll database management system
IV A catalogue of cards in a library
V A slide presentation using a projector and transparencies

a.| I, III and IV only| c.| II, IV and V only|
b.| II, III and IV only| d.| III, IV and V only|

__c__3. Based on your knowledge of analogue and digital signals, which of the following statements is true? a.| A computer is digital and human speech is digital| c.| Human speech is analogue but computer is digital| b.| Human speech is digital but a computer is analogue| d.| A computer is analogue and human speech is analogue|

__a__4.Expert systems are used at which level of the organization?

I Strategic level
IIOperational Level
IIITactical Level

b.| II ONLY| d.| I, II AND III|

__c__5.Jenny is browsing the web looking for information to complete her research project. Which is the MOST appropriate source of information for her? a.| Blogs| c.| Online Journals|
b.| Wikis| d.| Chatrooms|

__b__6.Which of the following factors BEST represents characteristics to be considered when assessing sources of information? a.| Availability, cost and attractiveness| c.| Format, cost and criticality| b.| Availability, reliability and format| d.| Format, quality and organization|

__d__7.Which of the following groups represents a complete list of data items?

I Flowchart
II Audio
III Video
IV Entity box

a.| I and II only| c.| II , III and IV only|
b.| II and III only| d.| I, II, III and IV|

__d__8.Which of the following items are NOT information sources? a.| Journals| c.| Magazines|
b.| Websites| d.| Online Surveys

__a__9.A journalist, while conducting research on the influence of sport on the lives of teenagers in the region, also collected information on their academic achievement. This information on academic achievement can be classified as : a.| Essential| c.| extraneous|

b.| Desirable| d.| Cosmetic|

__b__10.Sharon has a list of numbers representing her expenses by category for the month. Which of the following represent valid methods for converting the list of numbers into information on her monthly expenses?

ITotaling them and writing the values in a ledger
IIOrganizing these data into columns with headings representing the name of the expense and totaling the columns IIIArranging all the numbers in ascending order in a worksheet and producing a line chart IVTyping them into a spreadsheet and print the spreadsheet selection

a.| I and II only| c.| I, II and III ONLY|
b.| II and III only| d.| I, II, III and IV|

__a__11.Students were asked to share ideas and find solutions to environmental issues common to their territories. What communication tools are essential for online collaboration?

a.| Computer, communication software, modem| c.| Computer, graphics software, facsimile| b.| Computer, desktop publishing software, telephone| d.| Computer, word-processing software, modem|

__b__12.Which of the following is NOT a career opportunity in the field of Information Technology? a.| Computer Science Teacher| c.| Database Administrator| b.| Civil Engineer| d.| Network Administrator|

__b__13.Information is valuable, hence computers use numerous physical and software access restrictions to protect and secure information. Which of the following...
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