It 282 Troubleshooting Installation

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Troubleshooting Installation

IT 282
February 27, 2011

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Appendix C

Troubleshooting Installation

A computer technician must be familiar with troubleshooting different operating system issues.

Complete the following activity by reading the scenarios and providing appropriate solutions.

Scenario One

As a support technician for a small company, your job is to support the PCs and their users, the employees. Ben, a coworker, comes to you with a problem. For some reason, Windows XP is not booting correctly on his computer. Ben is worried, because he has many important data files in several locations on the hard drive. He does not know which files are located in which folders. Ben is also worried about losing his saved e-mail addresses, individual e-mails, and his favorite links on Microsoft Internet Explorer®. You try everything you know to recover Ben’s computer, but nothing works. Ben’s system is corrupted beyond repair.

Prepare a list of steps you would take to fix this problem, including the steps involved in reinstalling Windows XP and recovering the data Ben needs.

1. Use the Windows Disk: The first thing to try when troubleshooting a Windows boot problem is to boot from the startup disk to check if the startup record for the active partition is corrupted, or if it is the start up files for XP. 2. Using the last known good configuration: Windows XP has the option to boot from the last known good configuration. This will boot without any changes that might have created the problem, basically turning back time on the computer to get rid of problems. To use it, restart the computer and when you see the message asking you to select the operation system, or hear the single beep, press F8 to display the Windows Advanced Options menu. Select Last Know Good Configuration from the menu. If it does not work, then that means the backup copy of the settings is also corrupted. 3. Use System Restore: System...
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