Islam and the World Today

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Religion Pages: 6 (2117 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Islam in the World Today

Patrick Mallin

DeVry University

Islam has a major influence within society and not just within the Middle East but all over the world. Depending on what part of the world is looked at, the teachings of Islam are altered slightly just like anything else maybe in different countries. The issue that arises is the thought that Islam has one belief that has been shining in the wrong light, and it is practiced the same way all around the world and by all people. The teaching of Islam will be further explained showing differences in ways it is practiced to prove misconceptions wrong. Another thing that will be focused on is how these teachings compare to Christianity and Judaism which are also found throughout the world. With this information, it allows for interactions of different religious groups to be looked at, and the ability to assess the dynamics of them. With further understanding of each, a more stable society could start to develop.

The teachings of Islam are meant for the good of all people, it is designed to eliminate any prejudice and hatred among all people. The basis is that people are all the same, no matter what skin color, job, gender, or social class. Islamic teachings come from the holy Quran which focus’s everything around three principle factors, those being, justice, tolerance, and equality. Justice focusing on the fact that if one would discriminate against another it is not another individual’s place to bring attention to it for the holy prophet will take action. By following even just that, it shows tolerance for another’s actions and equality for the reason that one person is not more powerful then another. “No solid foundation of human society can be laid without tolerance and brotherhood.” (Pg. 361, Qureshi) In order to be considered a good Islam follower there are certain things that need to be done through out the year showing passion and devotion in the religion. This includes a confession of faith which requires the follower to recite a prayer known as the Kalima, the words within are powerful showing full devotion. Following that it is considered a duty to perform specific prayers while in designated poses five times a day, during the month of Ramadaan fast from sunrise to sunset, and at least once in a lifetime participate in a pilgrimage to Mecca. These expectations of practice are considered the “Five Pillars” which are expected of a Muslim with no questions asked.

Islam can be found in more then just the assumed location being the Middle East, it is actually practiced in many different countries in slightly different ways. First off, there are slightly different forms of Islam, the definition of the faith of Islam that is used is those who follow the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. According to that definition their Islam is defined by the five pillars of faith, which was mentioned earlier. This is what is called orthopraxy, which in practice means that you define yourself as a Muslim. There are also orthodoxy, which is defined as a belief of the oneness of God and the right attitude, the right understanding of God. They believe in angels, beings created of light, and in the divine commandments. The belief is that God has communicated his guidance, messages, and teachings to humanity through human messengers or Prophets. The last type of belief is the belief in the last day. The last is a concept that means that this creation will come to an end. Basically there will be an end to this existence, followed by a day of resurrection, where all souls will be resurrected, followed by judgment day where everyone is judged, followed by the divine approval or divine disapproval. Those who pass will be in paradise, and those who fail will go to what we call hell. In America as well as the Middle East, the Muslim or Orthopraxy is the majority of what people of...
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