Religion: Jihad and Peace

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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Discussion 2: “Jihad and Peace.”
The words Islam and Muslim are from the same Aramaic/Semetic root, and the words Salām, Shalom, and Salem are all translated as “peace,” “peace that comes from submission to God,” “whole,” “complete,” “intact.” Explain why “submission” is the major theme of Islam, keeping in mind this history of the words’ meanings. The religion is called Islam because it offers peace and requires complete submission to the will of God. According to the Qur’an, there is only one religion acceptable to God and that is complete submission to His Will. (Fisher, 2011) Identify examples of the connections between “submission” and “ peace” or wholeness” within the practice of Islam. One example of a connection between submission and peace or wholeness within the practice of Islam is that at the end of the year, all Muslims must donate at least 2 ½% of their accumulated wealth to needy Muslims. Another would be the fourth pillar fasting. During the whole month of Ramadan, all Muslims who are not sick, menstruating, or nursing must abstain from food, drink, sex, and smoking. They must also give to those who have not known as almsgiving. It says in our textbook on pg. 399, “The hardship of abstaining even from drinking water during these long and hot days is an unselfish surrender to God’s commandment and an assertion of control over lower desires”. As well as building a bond between those who have and those who have not. Explain the differences between the Greater Jihad and the Lesser Jihad and why you think most non-Muslims know very little about the Greater Jihad. The greater jihad is the inner conflict humans have with trying to obey Gods rules. The lesser Jihad is Gods rule that true Muslims should "Subdue those who do not believe..." -

So the greater jihad reinforces the lesser.
Jihad has been interpreted by Muslims in different ways. The Muslim sect of the Kharijites has elevated Jihad to one of the Five Pillars of Islam, making it Six...
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