Is the World Changing for Better

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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Change is something that is always constant and has struck everyone including the world we live in today. Since the change of transformation of earth to industrial revolution to independence to what world today is in 21st century.The question raised is 'Is the world changing for better?' And yes in my opinion it is changing for our better future.There are number of reason to support my opinion. The first reason is and the most important one is the technological up-gradation beleive it or not but the technology has made our life alot easier.For instance with one cellphone we can connect to anyone at any part of this world or with just one click on start button a delicious food is cooked in a microwave and even if i am in abroad tommorow with one click on skype we can do video calling. The second reason is the medical sciences. It has change to a level where today we have a medicine called ipill that helps in controlling population.Not even that now it is alot easier to detect diseases and treat them efficiently for eg. few years ago my grandfather was detected with a heart problem in patna and later when he got checked in delhi he came to know he is perfecty alright. Recently i was reading an article on yahoo that a person with an 8 inch knife on his forehead had a successful surgery along with that there were other cases of nails stuck in brain,scissor in stomach,screw in throat etc. all had a successful surgery and are alive today. The third reason to support my opinion is the transportation system. Today airways railways and roadways play an important role in transportation. for eg with the help of air ambulance it is now easier to help anyone in an emergency even in an alienated area of the country.In india according to reports a family with a fairly good income own a car or a scooter or a motorbike which clearly states the increase of standard of living in our country. However with the fast evolving change there maybe few negatives that we shouldnt ignore...
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