“Is the Duty of Scientist, in Wartime, to Do Everything in Their Power to Help Their Country?”

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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“Is the duty of scientist, in wartime, to do everything in their power to help their country?” Over the past 100 years, science has been captured an important position in our daily life. To us, science is important on medical, technology and investigating, but at the same time, it is important to protect us in war by inventing new ordnance. So, is the duty of scientist in wartime to do everything in their power to help their country? Fritz Haber, a great German scientist said to be a patriot during the WWI, he put all his effort to help Germany his own country during the time, invented the way of creating Ammonia, and worn the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1918. Fritz was born in December 9, 1868 in Breslau. By using a high pressure and catalyst, he reacted nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas directly together to create ammonia, and named the process “Harbor Brosh”. The nitric acid in ammonia can be used to manufacture agriculture fertilizer and explosives. This supports German in a very important way which helps them to grow agriculture products from the fertilizer after the British military blocked and cut off supplies of nitrate which is a fertilizer for agriculture from Chile in World War I. Furthermore, Fritz believe that it’s every scientist’s responsibility to do everything in their power to aid their nation, he once said that “During peace time a scientist belongs to the world, but during war time he belongs to his country” which lead him continuing with inventing new substance to help German in the war. A new weapon – poison gas was developed to help the German naval. Chlorine gas was one of the examples. With this invention, he paid the cost of his wife being suicide in 15th May 1915 responding to his success in Second Battle of Ypres. Haber made his own succeed in chemistry during the war time, but retire as a broken man at the time of his death. It is the responsibility of scientist from helping and assisting their own country during the war time, but at the...