Is Something Immoral Also Illegal?

Topics: Medical cannabis, Morality, Cannabis Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Is something illegal also immoral?

Everyone knows the definition of illegal. Illegal is contrary to or against the law. Laws are straightforward, written on paper, easy to live by. However what is immorality? By definition it is the violation of moral principles. But who decides on those principles, and who says what is moral and what not? Is morality defined by our cultures and personalities, or by laws that were written by other people? This is a question I am going to look at. Is everything that is against the law also immoral? Law is there to protect us. There are many laws that we all can agree have a moral to them. However there are many laws in which finding the moral can be a little trickier. They are usually not enforced anymore, however they are still on the books and are official laws. In Maine, It's Illegal To Have Christmas Decorations Up After Jan. 14. I personally believe if someone leaves Christmas decorations a little longer, it does not make him an immoral human being. This type of law can be seen all over the world. Many of us would agree that it doesn’t contain any moral background, and violating it would be illegal, but not immoral. Many of these laws are also very old and forgotten about. This raises the question if morality changes over the time. Is something that used to be considered completely immoral, nowadays normal? Or can it be the other way around, something, that used to be absolutely common is now considered by many immoral and is above all that also illegal? One of issues like this is the controversy of marijuana. Marijuana wasn’t always known just as the most abused drug in the world. It is believed that the first fabric ever was made from the hemp plant, also known as marijuana. This fabric was extremely strong and more durable than wood. Throughout the new worlds history, cannabis was used for fabric and was never looked upon as bad or immoral. Even George Washington grew hemp as his primary crop in 1797. This wasn’t...
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