A Deviant Act That Is Not Criminal in Nature

Topics: Sociology, Critical thinking, Criminal law Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Stephanie Ramirez-Alarcon
CRJ 104 spring 2012

Chapter 3.# 3Critical Thinking Questions:
The text gave an example of a deviant act that is not criminal in nature. What other types of deviant acts can you think of that do not violate criminal laws?

Many deviant acts are acts that depart from are social norms. Every society has its basic social norms; it may vary a bit, because of so many different multi-cultural societies. Even so I can safely say that most societies have the same universal belief when it comes to social norms. Social norms are very serious if an individual commits a deviant act, the community will automatically demand punishment. In some cases the individual will be punished by the society but will not face a criminal charge by the government. Many deviant acts do not violate written laws; therefore individual cannot be charge with a criminal violation. There are so many different perspectives to social norms that makes the United State vary in what is legal and what is not. A great example is polygamy, this act is outside of our social norms, but in Nevada there is no criminal charge for plural marriage even though it is not legal in most states. Another example would be cross-dressing it is considered to be a deviant act in most parts of the world not because it is criminal in nature; but because of the act itself is outside the boundaries of our social norms. Homosexuality is also another big controversy in regards to our social norms today, it is considered to be a deviant act nevertheless it is not a criminal violation. There are many act that I would consider to be deviant acts but are not punishable by law. A disowning of a child, giving up a child up for adoption, or simply not taking responsibility for a child, that can be and should be considered deviant act with criminal punishment; unfortunately, it is not a criminal violation. Divorce can also be looked...
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