Is Social Networking Really a Benefit?

Topics: Internet, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: March 10, 2013
According to the science daily, it is stated:” Online social networking can help introverted adolescents learn how to socialize.” On the negative it states, “Young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies.” Social networks have been a controversial topic for several years. Some argue social networking is beneficial to society because it helps keep in contact with people worldwide, professionally connects, and is convenient to spread news within seconds. Can this truly be one hundred percent believable? On the contrary, those who believe internet social networks are harmful to society say it results to lack of productiveness, a bad influence to younger generation children, harmful physically to the human body, and a huge invasion of privacy.

In today’s day and age, when A young adult meets someone for the first time, usually their first instinct is to add them (as a friend in the networking site) on Facebook and get to know them. In my personal experience, I have encountered myself in the situation several times. The way I get to know a person and better my relationship with him or her is through social networking. If there are emergencies, the social networking sites help spread the news like wildfire. For example, during natural disasters when there are power outages Facebook can be useful in getting information sent amongst people quickly. Businesses also have many connections via networking and therefore it can be a benefit to the companies. For example advertisements for stores such as Nordstrom and Ikea will pop up on the side of the computer screen. These are the various positive results to internet networks.

Although these are listed benefits of the internet social networks, they certainly do not outweigh the negative causes. The fact that teenagers accept “friend request” from strangers they meet for the first time is completely...
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