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Topics: Twitter, Internet, Social network service Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Aliyah Williams
Composition II
Mrs. Reed
Social Networking: More Harm than good?
In today’s society one of the main ways we as humans communicate is through social networks. Social Networks such as Twitter or Facebook serve as a new and exciting way to interact over the internet and socialize. Now a day people rarely text or call due to new innovative ways such as the internet to connect with people all around the world. Individuals who are pro Social Networks would say that they promote positive ways to interact and meet new people. They would also say how exciting they are and how much of a thrill they can provide. However they fail to recognize the dangers that also come along with them. Due to all that is going on in the world anti-social network believers would say that social networks cause more harm than good due to the fact that they lead to harmful internet dating, are an excuse for people to spread rumors without being confronted, and are dangerous due to people oversharing information which can lead to unsafe internet stalkers or in person stalkers. I 100% agree with each of these three reasons, which is why I believe social Networks do cause more harm than good to society. First and Foremost the main issue in dealing with social Networks is that they lead to harmful internet dating. There are plenty of instances in the new where a person either does not appear as he or she appears to be on line or where the person wants to meet up in persona and the results can be dangerous. For example on T.V there is a new popular show called “Catfish”, basically this show focuses on the truths and lies about internet dating. During the series of this show, there have been instances where two individuals have met up and person and in almost every case one or both of the two individuals who were dating have not appeared to be who he or he was pretending to be over the internet. A "catfish" is a person who creates fake profiles online and...
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