Is Npm as Articulated by Hood Still Relevant.

Topics: Public administration, New Public Management, Government Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: December 11, 2012
PRYANKA RAMKISSOON 811004659 PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENT Mr. Josh Drayton *Is NPM as articulated by Hood still relevant?

New Public Management has been one of the notable fields of study in public administration theory and practice. As New Public Management goes hand in hand with markets and private sector management, it is as much arguable as being the cause of global economic crisis as are the markets and market mechanism which underpin it. Christopher Hood, a scholar in Public Administration, contributed to the development of NPM. His four main concerns were, “attempts to slow down or reverse government growth in terms of overt public spending and staffing, shift towards privatization and quasi-privatization and away from core government institutions, with renewed emphasis on subsidarity in service provision, the development of automation, particularly in information technology, in the production and distribution of public services and, the development of a more international agenda increasingly focused on general issues of public management, policy design, decision styles and intergovernmental cooperation, on top of the older tradition of individual country specialism in public administration.” New Public Management reforms shift the emphasis from traditional public administration to public management. Key elements include various forms of decentralizing management within public services. Examples include the creation of autonomous agencies and devolution of budgets and financial control. Increasing use of markets and competition in the provision of public services, for example contracting out and other market-type mechanism, and increasing emphasis on performance, outputs and customer orientation. NPM reforms have been driven by a combination of economic, social, political and technological factors. Choosing to follow...
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