Is Migration Beneficial for Countries?

Topics: Human migration, Population, Emigration Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Countries largely benefit from migration As globalization increased the gap between the rich and poor countries, migration has become an urgent and debated issue to be solved. To answer the question whether migration is good for the countries or not, we have to define what this term mean. Migration means to go from one country, place or region to another. Although the inhabitants of host countries don't always realize the good aspects of migration, saying the majority of immigrants are leeches reducing the standards of living, migration has it's benefits both for the host country and for the country of origin. At first, it has a huge impact on education. Allowing permanent residence can be tempting for talented youngsters who later become quality workforce. For instance, American universities have always been the melting pot of extraordinary students: the percentage of international students enrolled at Harvard University is about twenty percents. More qualified workers products more capital. It has become clear that after a start-up period immigrants contribute to tax collections, labor and the production just as much as a native born citizen. If we talk about labor we must not forget that immigrants are more likely to start a new business in a country than natives which can also boost the productivity and creates new jobs. When it comes to safety, immigrants are often handled as people with immense willingness to commit crimes. In contrast, numerous reports have determined that legal immigrants have an incarceration rate multiple times lower than the general population. Another significant and positive effect can be the diversity that is brought by immigrants resulting a prospering and booming cultural life including arts, architecture and gastronomy. From the viewpoint of the country of origin emigration can reduce the pressure on resources (water or food scarcity) and can reduce the tensions in between ethnic groups. Migrates can form a powerful diaspora in...
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