Is It Too Late to Save the Planet?

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  • Published : February 20, 2009
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Certainly , It is a very technical question answered by Scientifics, but the signs (on the whole) point out to the same direction, the climate is changing and little by little the signs are more and more evident. It is known that the Scientifics have warned about this situation a lot of years ago , at the end of eighteenth years , later in Kioto meeting with an agreement carried out until now when everybody can see easily the results: hard floods, very extreme winters and summers with large periods of droughts, and a very large etc with catastrophic consequences. But is it only the beginning and we can change the bearing. The Scientifics are not sure but we can´t stay seeing the result therefore there is only one way: we must change our habits of consume, more sustainable development in economy, looking for the environment and the third world needs projects which permits them to better standard of living. This is not a problem with immediate solutions , I think it will takes several generations to control everything with habits changed, try out new ways to the energy problem and make them economically profitable so that do we have enough time???. I think nobody knows. According I ´ve said we are the problem and depending about the time to react and the means implies to sort out the problems, our sons will have more possibilities to live in peace with a better world, healthy environment. Good luck for everybody.