Is Illegal Immigration a Danger for America?

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: August 4, 2008
Is Illegal Immigration a Danger for America?
First of all, Americans have to know why immigrants come to this country illegally, where they come from and why they do it. Today, immigration has been getting out control for American citizens and the government. American citizens have been seeking for many ways of how to stop illegal immigration in their communities talking to local authorities and creating groups against illegal immigrants. When talking about “illegal immigrants” in the US, people tend to stereotype and call every Latino in the street “Mexican”. According to statistics as of the year 2005, Mexicans are the majority with 56%, other Latin American immigrants have a 22%, Asians have a 13%, Europeans and Canadians have a 6%, Africans and others have a 3% (“Birthplace”). As we can see, not all immigrants are from Mexico.

Immigrants come to this country for multiple reasons. Unfortunately, if a person comes illegally to this country, there is no way for the government and the society to know if this person was a criminal in his/her home country, yet this is a small percentage of people who we can feel fear of. However, the majority come to the US for completely different reasons. If you ask any immigrant why they came to this country, all of them will have the same answer in mind, and it will be because of the economic situation that their home country was going through. They come to better their lives and to seek better opportunities for their children. Regardless of where people come from, you can always come to the conclusion that all people have that goal in life, which is to better yourself and to take advantages of the opportunities of life.

Solutions to this major problem are being seek by people in the communities and the government. Recently, the government has ordered the construction of a 2000 mile wall which divides U.S from Mexico hoping it will eliminate illegal immigration. However, human traffickers are very clever and they can...
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