Illegal Immigration in America

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Hendry Miranda
Professor Pauline Rodock
English 1301
October 10, 2012
Illegal Immigration in America
America has always been a country of immigrants. Ever since the birth of this nation, waves of immigrants have come here in search of a happier life. America is known all over the world as a place where people can be free in so many different ways, a place where prosperity is possible for those who work hard and want a better life for their offspring. The dilemma is though, many of those pursuing the “American Dream” come here illegally, and thus breaking the laws of the very same country they want to live in, right from the beginning. This research exposes some facts about the so heated debate of illegal immigration in America. In recent years America has experienced a record of illegal immigration without precedents. According to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) there are two classes of illegal immigrants. First class corresponds to “over-stayers”, and this refers to those people who at some point legally entered the United States under any kind of visa, and simply stayed once that document expired. Most of this “over-stayers” are foreigners who came to the United States with student visas, or who came here with tourist/business visas. Even though once they over stay they are considered illegal immigrants, the government has an idea of who those people are because these kind of immigrants need to go through extensive filters in the American embassies of their country in order to get an American visa. On the other hand, the USCIS also has the Illegal Alien classification. These are the people who enter the United States without any kind of legal registry or document. The vast majority of these illegal aliens enter the United States through the Mexican border. Also, most of these immigrants are of Hispanic origins, specifically Mexicans. “Between now and 2020, the Hispanic population will increase by 77%, compared to a 69% for...
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