“ Is Honesty Always Good”

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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“ Is Honesty always Good”
Do you think that “Honesty is the best policy”? Is being completely Honest always good? This is an old and often repeated saying, but it is true? Now if someone of complete honesty will not ask whether being truthful will pay or not. He feels he must be truthful, even if honesty brings him loss or pain, simply because it is right to be honest and wrong to be dishonest.

Perhaps honesty does pay in the long run. A prime example can be shown through the Presidential election, a man who deals straight forward with the pubic, who sells himself, who gives noble quality, and can be trusted upon not to cheat, will usually establish a reputation that will be a fine toward the voter’s opinion. People will be glad to deal with him; and hopefully will vote for that specific candidate. 

Although the candidate decided to take the “higher road”, the sad truth is that these candidates usually don’t win. Knowing this would the candidate want to follow his campaign and lose? Or would he be willing to go and adjust his opinions and started lying “Politically? For this situation is “Honesty the best policy”? There are those that will always agree or disagree.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that in Politics success is often due to dishonesty, and great success has been built upon lying. Too many successful people have proved by experience that for them dishonesty had been the best policy. Of course some of these people come and suffer at the end and lose everything that they achieved by their lies; but many maintain their Political success is more due to ability, lucky opportunities, and being smart savvy than to honesty.

Many people today tell lies to protect others. What I mean is “How far will you go to protect someone”? A simple example to clarify my point can be the topic of the Holocaust in Germany. Pretend you were a German living in the time of Hitler. If a group of Nazi soldiers came knocking too your door and asked you if you...
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