Is Homosexuality Biological Based

Topics: Homosexuality, Gay, Queer Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: June 7, 2012
Is homosexuality biological based?

Homosexuality is biologically based. It's not something someone gives a try and sees if they like it. Maybe the occurrences have something to do with the mother's hormone levels when she is pregnant. I also think it is a little of both. Some cases it might be the X and Y thing and others it is probably just learned. I think most of the recent ones are probably learned because it is all over TV and everything. I just think it is ridiculous that they expect us to be telling 4 and 5 year old kids about gay people. As long as they are not parading through the streets then sure go ahead. Just don't interfere with other's lives. The "learned" behavior for a small segment of the gay population is often caused by trauma through sexual assault and or long term abuse. All the gays and lesbians I know claim they have always known there was something different about them. Most had no clue or were in denial. Of course I don't know a lot of gays or lesbians. Seems to me there are many other ways to outrage your family and flip off society than to choose that lifestyle. Maybe there are people who were raped as children and imprinted the behavior but I would put them in the vast minority.

A person is not born that way that is the way they you have chosen to live. Like saying an alcoholic is not responsible for their drinking problem, now they want to claim it is a disease. An alcoholic can stop, just like a smoker can stop, if they really want too. Same with homosexuality. They do not want to stop that is their problem, either deal with it or suffer the consequences, like a alcoholic or smoker will have to do. It is definitely learned, because I know people that considered themselves to be homosexual and then with the help of the God, they decided that they were not. It has to be a choice .Islam considers homosexuality to be the result of a choice. It is inconceivable that God made people homosexuals then declared it a crime and...
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