Is Homework Worth Destroying Trees?

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Trees make oxygen as a waste product of respiration, we need oxygen to breathe, no trees because we're doing homework = No humans. So Homework is actually killing us. It has been scientifically proven that “turn our carbon dioxide waste into oxygen so we can breathe” I strongly feel that we should put a Stop to the disorder in every school across England.

People have lives. Teachers may not, but their pupils generally have other things they want to do in their spare time. For example, I may want to be outside or doing something to do with exercise. Homework stops me doing this. Therefore homework makes you fat. Being obese could make you have Heart disease, heart attacks, Strokes and high blood pressure, Colon cancer, Degenerative joint disease, sometimes crippling, leading to a need for joint replacement, Insulin resistance, Diabetes mellitus, with a long list of related complications in the circulatory (heart), renal (kidney), neurological (nerves), retinal (visual) systems and with infectious diseases, problems with healing, Depression, Bad self image, Negative thoughts, Breathing difficulties And Chronic fatigue. This would cause problems for the child and also their families because they would be the ones looking after them plus treatment would be quite expense.  

Most trees are chopped down from the Amazon, South America. They then have to be processed and transported to wherever they need to be in Lorries, boats and planes. These give out carbon dioxide which heats up the earth. This makes the icecaps melt and we all drown and have terrible weather. This is homework’s fault. Carbon dioxide is said to the number one culprit in heating up the earth. Wouldn’t you want to stop global warming? So help us abolish homework being given out in schools around the world.

Homework makes me tired, and that's bad for my health as it means I’m not getting enough sleep as I can’t get everything into my time schedule. There are plenty of ways sleep can affect...
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