Is Flirting the Same as Sexual Harassment

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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The paper is prepared on two concepts of the flirting and sexual harassment as they being the same. In this paper, flirting happens when people are in agreement to flirt each other with the intent of fostering unity, feel attractive and to entertain themselves. And sexual harassment stands on the point of someone infringing other person’s human right on the aspect of his or her sexual desire. Which occurs in workplace, apartment and in general public with the motive of promotion, increases in salary and it becomes uncomfortable, unsafe to the victim. Through the analysis of these two concepts, there were numerous differences and fewer similarities. The analysis of these concepts in this paper is based on these claims: Degradation, Objectification, and Gesture or sexual expression, for the concepts. The first claim of this paper is on the notion of flirting degrading people of opposite sex or same sex, that means people will lose their dignity, people will be humiliated and loss of self- respect. For instance, flirting among senior manager and his secretary in the office and it reaches the notice of the management, he loses his dignity and demoted. They consider that flirting as misconduct in the organisation, but the manage and the secretary considered flirting as source of fun or entertainment Again when a priest socializes with the young adult of his church and it becomes routine, they consider him as their age mate and degrade him, by the priest loses his self – respect from the church. Flirting also make people to be humiliated, in sense of ignoring the present of people. For example, In house of many children, where one of senior citizens gathers them at one place during the summer, and tells them stories about nature and historical event, as to broaden their Page 2

intellectual abilities, but later they accused him of touching and massaging their sensitive part of their body, which was false accusation. Eventually he ignoring the present of the children. This paper objects that flirting does not really degrade people, because people flirt with people for the reasons, to build cordial relationship among them in organisation to maximize productivity. For example, In ABC Company, where the management organised BBQ and socialization outside their business premises to entertain them, and the CEO played football with the men and ate with the ladies on the same table. The paper also objects that flirting does not really degrade people, because people flirt with people for this reason. To socialize with people to know their challenges and teaching them how to develop their potential. For example, a church organise a camp at Ottawa for the Pentecost Student and Associates, which was entitled “Developing my potential on Pentecostal pattern” which was taken from the second of Moses (Exodus 25vrs 40). The leaders organised some games that help us to socializes with them and other friend, share our challenges to them and they gave some Godly message that help us to build our potential for better future. The response to the objection of this paper that flirting degraded people is based on the notion that even though people conceived an ideal of building cordial relationship among co- workers in an organisation to increase their profit level. So flirting with people in the firm is not the right motivational factor to encourage the employees to increase their effort that will maximizes productivity, and boost profit of the firm. For instance, senior accountant invited his secretary into his office for fantasy action. Due that the co-workers will disrespected to the management that they are flirting with our ladies, and the outside people will see that the management are Page3

irresponsible. Again flirting makes the young people disobey to the message the priest presented to them, because the church leaders have routine socialization with the church members. The paper concluded that flirting degraded people as they loss...
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