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Topics: Cheating, Academic dishonesty Pages: 6 (2203 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Kerby Cinor

The intention of this essay is to discuss and assess the morality of cheating when one is in a serious relationship. I will be referencing case number 22, which deals with the ethics of cheating in a relationship. My opinion on the matter is that it is morally unacceptable for an individual involved in a serious relationship to cheat. To defend this position that I have taken, I will address the individual rights of both members of the relationship, make use of analogies and consider objections from the opposing view. While some relationships are not victims of the cheating plague, it is a rising concern for many couples as it appears that the temptations, opportunities and avenues to cheat are very present in today's society.

You will need to reach two overall goals in the argument section. The goals are not weighted equally in terms of the grade (see below). The first goal is to clearly, concisely, and accurately present the key details of the case in your own words. The second goal is to clearly state your position on the issue and then support your position with argumentation.

A general accepted assumption and expectation is that people should remain faithful when married, engaged or in any other type of a serious committed relationship. Nonetheless, whether a couple is truly in love or not, temptations and opportunities to cheat arise. There are many issues surrounding this dilemma of cheating (where one cheats on the other or both cheat on each other) that many couples are faced with. However, the focal issue and concentration of this essay is whether or not cheating in a serious relationship is morally acceptable. I am of the opinion that it is morally unacceptable and will support this viewpoint with the following points.

First and foremost, in contemplating the morality of cheating in a serious relationship, it is important that it be mentioned that cheating is defined, understood and evaluated differently for each couple. In fact this is the central point to consider with this moral assessment because cheating is simply about breaking the rules or terms to an agreement shared by individuals, regardless of what the rules are. To further illustrate this point, a relationship can be likened to a contract. Each couple has to come to an agreement of the “dos” and “don'ts” of their specific relationship, thus entering a contract. When one individual steps outside of the terms of the contract, they have willingly went against their own word, which in reality is lying. Let's suppose that two people enter into an agreement where one person lends another money. The agreement is that the borrower will pay back the money within a week. If that week comes and they have not paid, then they were being dishonest about their ability or maybe even their intention to pay. Regardless, they were not true to their word; thus, when a person cheats in a relationship, they are being dishonest to the rules of the relationship that they agreed to. As such, it should logically be concluded that cheating in a relationship is morally unacceptable.

My point is further supported by the fact that contracts are usually set up to protect and respect the rights of all members involved. Therefore, when both members decided to enter an exclusive relationship, they both decided that the rules they set up and agreed to were in the best interests of the both of them and necessary for the relationship to grow stronger. With that being said, cheating can be seen as an act which disregards and dishonors the rights of the partner of the cheater. In essence one who cheats is denying their partner their rights to an exclusive relationship which every person should be entitled to. It is the right of any human being to be in a relationship that is exclusive. Thus when a person enters a relationship and they believe that this is what they are getting,...
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