Is Facebook a Waste of Time?

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Eng 100
Essay #2
Final Draft
Is Facebook a Waste of Time?
Are young people spending too much time on Facebook? Maybe. This is the opinion of Michael Duffy, the author of the article “A Dad’s Encounter with the Vortex of Facebook”. He argues that teens are given an illusion of privacy on this website because parents aren’t tuning in. He is also worried about the possibility of cyber bullying and stalking on that the social network offers. However, he states that what concerns him the most is the fact that teenagers waste too much time on the website. I disagree with Duffy’s arguments, because young users are able to educate themselves about how to use Facebook responsibly and safely. Also, Facebook offers many priceless benefits. However, I do see others disadvantages to the network that Duffy doesn’t mention. The first point the author makes is about privacy. In other words, he says that teens know their parents won’t be reading things on Facebook since that generation usually doesn’t know so much about technology. Therefore, they carelessly think they can post whatever they want. This may be true for a few ignorant teens, but most of the people I know are smart enough to know that employers and colleges check Facebook. They don’t post drunk pictures of themselves. Anyone who does that deserves to have an employer or college think twice about them, because this is not wise at all, and this is not the fault of Facebook. It is the responsibility of users to set their privacy settings correctly and to post intelligently. Back in France, I knew someone who was posting pictures of himself drinking wine while in class, and we could clearly recognize it was my high school in the background. He didn’t think professors would see the pictures because he was posting these pictures on Facebook and only had people of his age as friends on the website. He got kicked out a few days later. No one knows how it came up to the administration but one thing is sure,...