Is Divorce Bad for Children?

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Jasmine Grayson
October 7, 2010
American Literature

Is Divorce Always Bad For Children?

To some, divorce may be a terrible thing for a child to have to endure. In some scenarios it is just better if the parents are separated. There is no better way to approach this subject than to talk from personal experience. I’ll explain how it feels to be a child in the middle of a divorce.

My mother and father were together for seventeen years and they just recently decided to get a divorce. Under the circumstances I don’t feel bad they there are now separated. Growing up the only thoughts I had of my dad were either him being abusive or of him yelling. Another memory of my dad is the fact he cheated on my mom multiple times not making him seem any better. Due to the fact my father struggled with his health my mother forgave him for it all.

To begin, as stated by PBS, when children are in an abusive home they are more susceptible to either being abusive or being abused and feeling that there is no way out. If the parents in an abusive relationship separate then the child(ren) are given a site of love. They are able to see how a family is supposed to react and communicate. They are able to see what real love looks and feels like. If parents in an abusive relation stay together their children will only know violence. They will only know sadness and when it’s time for them to marry they’ll divorce because they’ll think that’s how it’s supposed to go.

Consider this, a child has one parent that understands and the other is strict. The child naturally gravitates to the understanding parent because they know the understanding parent is more responsive. When you have a strict parent who doesn’t understand, it usually leads to a child divorcing the parent before the spouse will. When a child divorces its parent the child doesn’t listen or respect their parent.

In my case the divorce wasn’t bad at all. Growing up my mother basically did everything for me. Since me and...
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