Is Creativity Essential in Learning?

Topics: Language education, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: June 1, 2011
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After the review of three elt designer approaches-the silent way, suggestopedia and total physical response, we have devised our own philosophy of teaching. We believe that creativity is essential to learning and if the students are making an effort on their part and discovering things for themselves; the factor of self-reliance is evolved and since the students are active and autonomous in exploration so the learning would be more effective. We believe that for language learners, the language would present itself as a problem or a riddle to be solved. Learners are required to engage with the language and try to discover and explore it. We believe that peer cooperation is an important factor in learning. This enhances the level of confidence and patience among the students and students learn a lot from each other but one drawback to this is that they also learn each others mistakes.

Furthermore, students are asked to review and overview what they have learned in the class. It is by this activity of self correction through self-awareness that the students learn to deconstruct and then reconstruct. We believe that the use of sound-color chart is really effective in language learning. This chart contains all the sounds of the target language in different colors. Students learn syllables, words and then sentences of the target language through these charts. We believe that the psychological barriers that students bring with them be desuggested. These can be desuggested both by direct and indirect way. Once the student succeeds to clear his doubts and fear, his performance in learning will become quite easy and effective.

We believe that activating the learner’s imagination will aid learning. For example, the learner’s can perform or take up a role or character in the target language that could place them inside the language they are learning. We also believe that when the students are exposed to the information as part of an environment, they grasp...
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