Is Concentration : Database Administration

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IS concentration : Database Administration
Why ?

1.Introduction :
Working as a Database administrator for the past 6 Years has led me to choose Database administration as my IS concentration, my experience has helped me fine tune existing databases, juggle around with the configuration parameters of the system to improve the performance of the system, however I have never worked on database architecture, this has been the primary reason for me to choose database administration as I would like to work on Database architecture and learn to design the system. As the amount of data keeps getting vast there arises the need to manage the data well, data that is vast can be very useful but one should know how to use this to their advantage. Data that cannot be managed is like a library that houses books without organizing or having an index , one does not know where to look for to find a particular book, in a similar way databases have a lot of information stored in them and it’s the database administrator who can team up with the application support to develop ways to extract the data and use this to their advantage, as a career option added to my experience on database administration this course covers the other aspects of database management as well like database programming, transaction management, advanced database management and database design ¸having emphasized on my previous work experience I think this IS concentration is best suited to put me back on track in my career and also have a competitive edge . Why do I find Database administration interesting? To answer this question I will to time travel to the past and the future, since time immemorial people have maintained databases in the form of record keeping through books, by imprinting information on metal and storing them, as time has passed by the need for an improved method for storing data has significantly outgrown its predecessors . In 1970’s E.F.Codd had first proposed the relational...
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